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Tug of War

Know faith know peace, no tug of war,

A troop with trust, reward galore,

See jets and planes have launched before,

This prayer I prayed on board to soar,

If God can’t do it.. No wait, He can,

A doubt can’t linger if never began,

No ifs or buts, His will be done,

Divine in time, our heart is won,

This path I take, so blind to see,

A treasure awaits, behind the scenes,

Before we act, we ask permission,

To take a step, impaired in vision,

With every hint, I follow the sign,

With every nudge, still so divine,

I hear you God, I’m taking heed,

I’m near you God, your mustard seed.

Shakirra Sesay considers herself a writer with a God-given talent of pleasant delivery. Her Instagram handle is

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