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Poem: 'Seasons'

We won’t be silent any longer

There’s power in numbers so together we’re stronger

So if we scream for equality and our cries fall on deaf ears

My sword is my voice and my passion is my spear

And these wounds we bear cut deeper than they’d ever know

Africa is bleeding, we’re bandaging hope

Religions alike we pray, we fast

I cannot accept for my people to carry last

Because this injustice is too painful to see

Even more painful to feel, a man said he couldn’t breathe

History being taught but it’s like we’re taking steps back

They attack with hate again and again then say they don’t see black...

If I know one thing for sure, it’s that

For everything, there’s a season

The day you sow the seed isn’t the same day you reap it

There’s a fire in me and it’s been ignited

Like a firefly in the dark, underrated, still shining

The grass is greener where you water

Crushing negativity, pestle and mortar

It’s grind season all year round and I’m done waiting

Inspiration from the creator it’s time I started creating

They said our glasses were half empty and were of no use

We took a good look at ourselves and told them the glass was half full

And that allowed us to overflow

Our doubts we overthrow

Negativity we don’t condone

And these gifts and talents are not my own to hide or to keep

I receive so I can give back because this fight is bigger than me

Like roses in the dirt and we’ll grow through this rain

And nothing will be the same, when the seasons change

Mabinty is a poet, writer, spoken word artist and 'good vibes ambassador' who is busy travelling through the creative world. Her current stop is advertising. She is interested in topics relating to lifestyle and current affairs. Her Instagram and Twitter handles are both @mabssr_.

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