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Hyde Reflection

I am the looking glass

You search me

For the things you lack

How far will you bend me before I break

Every time I look in you i ache


Looking back at me

Falling to her knees in disbelief

Her body like a bridge

Society Trampled onto

After the abuse

She carries guilt in her gut


Having Butterflies is romanticised

But when the dust fall

all she sees is comparison

In fractured mirrors

Fuses the pieces with gold

Then dips into the blues

Dolls herself up

With her moods

Inside she’s dull

As she gazed at me

Negotiating vain reflection

She says

“Tomorrow I will change.”

“If only I can stop

Drowning my sorrows”

But tomorrow is the same

Day as today

Her bed is her sanctuary

So She dives into it

And stays

At night she’s weary so she wears black

Stirring cauldron

On full moons

Bleeding anger tipped over into the dark hole beneath her bridge

She’s like the Winter session that never leaves

And her depression stems from trees that have no leaves

What happens

When you hear her reasons

ask her how she truly feeling

Compel her to reflect


An epiphany

She Marks her skin

With the remarkable things

In Ink

That make her extraordinary

So she takes a needle

Paint in me

Hoping to find peace

I am the looking glass

Wishing you see

What I see

Looking back at me

According to Enas, this poem explores self-image and how women see themselves in the mirrors when they are insecure. The narrator of the poem is her reflection, empathising through understanding and empowering herself. Enas likes to think of the reflections as the women around you, who reflect your beauty that shine from within, and in a way you reflect that light back into them.

Enas Saeed is a poet, spoken word artist and disability advocate. She joined Leeds Young Authors as a teen after taking part in a school poetry slam, and is now the only female restaurant poet for The Sunday Practise. Her poetry and short stories delve into themes such as cultural and religious identity, as well as self-image.

Enas has previously collaborated with Studio 12 Leeds Library, on writing project manifestos in verse, voice box and borderline. Her work was commissioned by Touchstone Theatre, BBC Radio Leeds, Migration Matters festival and British Library archives. Her short film 'Black. British. Muslim. Other.' premiered in March 2022 on BBC Four, as part of an anthology showcasing emerging female storytellers. It is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer, in the New Creatives collection on BBC Arts. Her Instagram handle is @official_enas.

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