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The Perfect Doctor

Imperfect people and our disjointed prayers

Mistakes so heavy we cannot bear

Open our mouths to speak utterances of apologies

Cat got your tongue?

No shame holds my lips

The flesh is weak

But oh the Spirit so willing

If I step out of my body maybe I’ll stop sinning

I seek for forgiveness to remind myself that I’m already forgiven

He bandages my wounds and fills the cracks in my faith

Wipes my tears, restores the smile on my face

His Grace is endless, it carries us through life

Faith in the journey, strength in the fight

This piece is all about mistakes and how on the journey of a Christian, we’re bound to make some. Often the shame of our sins overcomes us and makes us forget the forgiveness we have in Jesus, so this piece is a reminder of that and a message of encouragement to keep going.

Mabinty is a poet, writer, spoken word artist and 'good vibes ambassador'. She is busy travelling through the creative world. Her current stop is advertising. She is interested in topics relating to lifestyle and current affairs. Her Instagram and Twitter handles are both @mabssr_.

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