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9 reasons why delivering for Uber Eats is the best job for uni students

Working a job as a uni student seems like a ridiculous idea to most people, but most people just haven’t found the right job. So let me help you out, here are 9 reasons why delivering for Uber Eats is the best job for uni students.

1. Olympic Gymnast-Like Flexibility

One issue most uni students have when searching for jobs during term time is flexibility and rightly so, because at the end of the you’re a student before anything else. However, delivering for Uber Eats isn’t like most jobs when it comes to flexibility. You don’t have to book your shifts in advance or come up with a lie to tell your supervisor if you need to call in sick to do a last-minute assignment. All you have to do is tap the ‘Go’ button when you’re ready to work and ‘Go Offline’ when you’re done. That’s it, on…off. It doesn’t get any more flexible than that.

You can decide to work two days a week, seven days a week, twice a day or even twice a month and nobody will say anything about it. So, with this, you can tailor your shifts to work around your free-time, or just work when you’re bored.

* DOWNSIDE: You only get paid for the days you work.

2. Where the Money Resides (Wages)

Now another factor that comes into consideration when uni students are looking for the best jobs for them is the pay. How else are you going to afford endless nights out if you’re not getting paid enough? Student loans for some students don’t even cover their rent.

Fortunately for you, Uber Eats pays more than most part time jobs. In addition to this, payday is weekly, but it can be DAILY if you want, in fact you can get paid multiple times a day if you decide to use the ‘Cashout’ function which allows you cashout whatever is in your wallet for a small fee of 50p. You can do this up to 5 times a day.

How it works is, you get paid per delivery you make. So, the more you deliver the more you earn (and the higher your chances of receiving tips from customers). On an average day I earn just over £10/HR (closer to about £12). Although, I have had days where I’ve earned £20-£25/HR. But don’t get your hopes up, your earnings are dependent on various factors.

- Day of the week (Fri-Sun tend to have the highest earning potential)

- Time of the day (Mornings (9-11am), Afternoons (12-2pm) and Evenings (5:30-8pm) tend to have a high number of orders)

- Location (The busier your city/location is, the more orders you’d potentially have)

- How many orders you actually complete. (Cyclists usually tend to earn less than drivers or moped riders)

- Price Surges (Explained below)

3. TURN IT UP (Price Surges)

Price surges are basically a surge in the rate you receive per order you make. A normal rate is x1.0. But then in a surge it may rise to x1.2 or x1.4 even x1.8 sometimes. All this means is on a x1.2 you’ll be earning 20% more than usual or 80% on a x1.8 surge. So, if you were meant to earn £5 on an order from McDonald’s but the surge was x1.4 you’d end up earning £7 (additional £2).

These surges occur at busier times like in the evenings from 5-8 (after rush hour). You’ll probably see much higher surges during holidays like New Year’s or Christmas or Bank Holidays. Or sometimes if there are not enough drivers to accommodate the number of orders coming in.

4. The Password is Password (Easy to Get Into)

Unlike most jobs, applying to deliver for Uber Eats is a simple process, much simpler than the other courier services. All you have to do is apply on the Uber website. Fill in the application. Choose your mode of transport (cycling, moped, car). Answer a couple background questions. Prove your right to work (UK Passport or similar). Prove your address (Provisional/Driver’s License). Download the Uber Riders App. Wait for an Uber representative to give you a call. Go to your local post office with your ID to confirm your identity (You’ll receive an email first. There is a fee of £6 or £11 or something like that). Once all that is done, you’re free to begin.

5. Work Holidays (Have Fun With It)

Another reason why delivering for Uber Eats is one of the best jobs for a uni student is the potential to have fun with it. Book yourself an Airbnb in another city for the weekend and do some deliveries there. Go on a Friday afternoon, spend the evening working, work Saturday morning and afternoon and relax on Sunday then go back on Monday (or whatever works for you). Uber doesn’t restrict you to any location so you can really work wherever you want.

As well as this, occasionally, Uber gives you ‘Quests’ which allow you earn a bonus when you make a certain number of orders. For example, ‘Make 8 deliveries and you’ll receive an extra £8’. Or ‘Make 20 deliveries and you’ll receive an extra £24’ and so on.

6. I’m My Own Boss

When delivering for Uber Eats, you’re essentially self-employed. That’s right. No annoying managers or bosses constantly at your neck telling you what to and not to do. But with that being said, it does mean you have to be motivated to actually do the work, make the deliveries and set goals for yourself. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid, it’s as simple as that. Oh, and you’re going to need a lot a self-discipline and integrity to not eat your customers’ food because I promise you when you’re starving and you’ve just picked up an order from TGI’s it becomes very hard not to.

7. ‘I Know A Place’

While working, you’re going to come across a lot of the same restaurants. McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks, Subway etc. but you’re occasionally going to cross paths with some new ones that not many people know about. So next time you go on a date or your friends ask for recommendations, you’ll no longer have to be the person with the typical, boring suggestions. Instead, you’ll be the first to say, ‘I know a place’ and you can lead them into the restaurant like you own the place.

8. Summer Body? Most Definitely

For those who decide to cycle, you’ll be making trips all over your city. All that cardio will keep you in great shape so unlike your friends you won’t have to panic about trying to get your summer body right before the holidays, chances are you’re probably going to be halfway there. It’s a cheeky way to sneak cardio into your working because you can’t really avoid it unless you’re driving or on a scooter.

9. Tank on E-ats

The cost of owning a car is not cheap in any way, even more so as a uni student. Therefore, it makes sense to have some financial means of maintaining your car (or scooter). Even if you don’t need a job or you just want to focus mainly on your degree, working one or two shifts here and there won’t be a bad idea to keep petrol in your tank as opposed to constantly paying it directly out of pocket. You could also do a few extra shifts to cover your insurance payments or other bills you may have.

Bursting Your Bubble

Now you’ve heard all the reasons why delivering for Uber Eats is one of the best jobs for uni students, let me burst your bubble because it’s not always sunshine and roses. Here's why:

1. You Win Some, You Lose Some

Firstly, the pay may be nice on an average day but it’s not consistent, it’s always fluctuating. Some days you might feel like a billionaire and others like a peasant. The same goes for orders. You’re going to have quiet days but you will also have days where you feel like you’ve just won the lottery and all your old friends and family are trying to get a piece of the pie in other words, your phone will constantly be pinging off. You never really know what your shift is going to be like.

2. The Waiting Game

In addition to this, it may sometimes get frustrating having to wait for orders. Some restaurants are not as prepared as others. Some take 10 minutes to get the food out while others already have it out waiting for when you arrive. Don’t be overly surprised if you spend a good amount of your time waiting for the food to be prepared, it’s all part of the job.

3. That’s The Spot

For those driving, finding parking may be a problem from time to time. But you begin to realise that delivery drivers park how ever they wish because really and truly you just need to drop the food off and you’ll be back in a matter of minutes. However, with that being said be wary of parking cameras. I received a £100 parking fine for parking in a spot for 3 MINUTES AND 12 SECONDS. Don’t be that guy.

4. Feel The Burn

For the cyclists, be prepared to allow your body adjust to the work rate needed, especially if you weren’t an avid cyclist prior to the job. You might find yourself receiving orders on the opposite side of your city or having to cycle up steep hills. Also, understand that there is no shame in walking, or even taking a break from time to time.

NOTE: Before accepting each order, your Uber Eats Riders app shows you where you are in comparison to where the pick-up is and where the pick-up is in comparison to (roughly) where the drop off is. So at least you get a decent idea of how long your journey is about to be. And you can always cancel a journey before you have picked up the order.

So, with all that’s been said it’s now left for you to decide if you think delivering for Uber Eats is the best job for you as a uni student or even generally as an individual. If you think it is then, apply here: Uber Delivery Application. If you don’t, well that’s fine. It’s not for everybody.

After attending over 9 schools in his lifetime, Wndy has just finished studying Accounting and Finance at the University of East Anglia and is now working as a data analyst for KPMG. Although he doesn’t plan on ever becoming an accountant, he has always had a passion for working with people and working in business and commerce. He also writes in his free time, owning a lifestyle blog called 'Awindyday'. Currently, his main focus is providing value wherever he goes and eventually progressing into a position where he can influence other influential people.

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